Hubway Data Visualization

This app is a comprehensive visual account of every Hubway trip since the July 28th, 2011 launch in the city of Boston, Ma. It was created for the Hubway Data Visualization Challenge. Download for Mac or Windows, or check out the video. More info below.

What everything means:

Each bike is represented by a small circle. Green circles are full year subscribers and white circles are casual (1 or 3 day pass) riders. Each station is represented by a dot on the screen. Bikes that go in a direct line have distinct start and end stations, while bikes that make a loop start and end at the same station. The speed of the bike is the duration of the trip. The speed of the spinning spokes represent the quantity of simultaneous trips.

How to interact:

The three buttons in the top corner change the rate of time:

The buttons in the bottom left corner toggle modes:

The slider bar on the right lets you jump through time to any day in the records.

Some of my observations: